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At Hellfire Studio we work across all musical genres and can accomodate just about any size recording. We have recorded Rock, Jazz, Afrobeat, Folk, Singer songwriters,and all other sorts of wonderful, we are one of the best equipped recording studios in Ireland and we’ll ensure that your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.


If you have your music recorded and would like it brought together professionally, Hellfire has a highly experienced team that can take almost any level of recording and enhance it to radio broadcast quality. We use state of the art equipment that many classic and modern hits have been mixed with, so you can feel confident that we have the experience and tools to make your track shine as it should.



Our in-house production team can provide a variety of services depending on your project’s requirements. We can create custom tracks from your ideas or guide a band to their optimum performance. Any project, big or small, can benefit from our seasoned production team and discover what it means to have a fully produced record.



Whatever stage you’re at with your project, Hellfire studio can help bring it to the next level. We offer vocal tuning, drum alignment, drum sample replacement, and a variety of ways to help fine tune and organise your recording sessions.


When your recordings are done we can master them as well. We have world class mastering engineers, using the latest mastering techniques with leading analog and digital processing equipment making sure that your project comes to life in line with global industry standard releases. We can either master with you onsite or by just sending in the masters for processing. Go to for more info.

Voice Over


We have a perfectly dry vocal booth(s) which is purpose built for vocal recordings and voice over work. We have all of the high end microphones and outboard equipment to give the presence your voice over needs.