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Mastering @ Hellfire Studio


Our Mastering suit is based around a set of Adam S3v Speakers with matching 12” subs. The room has been designed to be as accurate as possible, right down to the lowest frequencies. Outboard processing from Manley Labs, Focusrite Mastering and Compex.

Ivan Jackman – Mixing & Mastering

Ivan Jackman is a prolific engineer and Educator. Resident at Hellfire Studios Dublin Ireland since September 2016, Ivan has worked with a variety of renowned artists across a broad spectrum of genres: he has guided sessions with vocalists such as Sinead O’Connor, Norma Winstone, Luka Bloom, Kevin Godley and Jaime Nanci, as well as great musicians like Bill Carothers, Larry Coryell, Lage Lund, Chad Channing (Nirvana) and Brian Charette.

Particularly known as an expert Mastering engineer, his mixing and mastering expertise have also been put to use with artists such as 10cc, Girl Band, Alarmist, Solar Bears, David Keenan and Luke Mornay.

“With passion you can move mountains with knowledge sky’s the limit
I could have made it short and just say: Ivan Jackman It has been a pleasure to work with such a truly talented Mix Engineer on my album. — Luke Mornay “

Luke Mornay is a French Grammy Nominated music producer/composer who has worked with Kylie Minogue, Sugababes, The Killers, Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, Marianne Faithful, Sophie Ellis Bextor the list goes on

Ivan has also Lectured on Music Production HND courses at BIFE for over 20 years. Teaching Studio Recording, Mixing and Mastering he has passed his knowledge on to thousands of musicians and sound engineers over the years.

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Clients Include: 4SuMotion (Mastering), Abbacaxi (Mastering), Agency Panic (Mastering), Alarmist (Mastering), Al O’Donnell (The Dubliners) (Recording), Armen Babasyan Quartet (Recording/Mixing), Akora (Mastering), Andi (Mastering), Artgirl (Mixing/Nastering), Babylamb (Mastering), Badhands (Mastering), Barefoot mafia (Mastering), Bitch Falcon (Mastering), Black Midi (Transfer engineer), Blind Yackety (Mixing/Mastering), Bob Mc Quaid (Recording/Mixing), Bullet Girl (Mastering), Brain Donation (Recording/Mixing/Mastering), Bray Side Boyz (Mixing/Mastering), Bree Harris (Recording), Brian Meakin Blues Band (Recording), Brian Barron (Recording/Mixing), Bruno Meeus (Recording), Callistan (Mastering), Caoimhe Barry (Mixing), Caoimhe Duane (Recording), Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh (Mastering), Carole Nelson Trio (recording/Mixing/Mastering), Celtic Legacy (Recording/Mixing), Chad Channing (Nirvana) (Recording), Chinese Newpapers (Mastering), Crash Ensemble (Mastering), Cocaine Ponytail (Mastering), Contour (Mixing/Mastering), Cry Before Dawn (Recording), David Keenan (Mixing), Danny Tobin (Recording/Mixing), Darragh Cullen (Recording/Mixing), Declan O’Rourke (Recording), Defekt (Mastering), Dickie Rock (Recording), Elkae (Mastering), Era Vulgaris (Recording/Mixing), Eve Belle (Mixing), Origin story (Mastering), False and the fair (Mastering), Fí (Mastering), Fia Kavanagh (Mastering), Fiachra Trench (Recording), Fields (Mixing), FIGS (Mastering), Foot Squeaker (Recording), Fun with Ropes (Mastering), Fran Greene (Recording), Garth Knox (Mastering), Gavin Glass (Recording), Galavants (Recording), Girl Band (Mastering), Girlfriend (Mastering), Gotye (Mixing/Mastering), Gypsy Rebel Rabble (Mastering), Haiku (Mastering), Hales Lake (Mastering), Hennessey sisters (Mastering), Henry prune (Mastering), Howl (Mastering), Insufficient Funs (Mastering), James Atkin (EMF) (Mixing), Jacqueline kennedy (Mixing/Mastering), Jape (Mastering), Jet Setter (Mastering), Julian Colarossi (Recording), Joe Doyle (Recording), John Applehead (Recording/Mixing)’ Kevin Godley (10cc)(Recording/Mixing/Mastering), Kevin Lawlor (Mixing), Kevin Donohoe (Mastering), Killface (Recording/Mixing), Konami (Pro Evo 11/12) (Recording), Kidd Blunt (Recording/Mixing), Kiruu (Mastering), Lage Lund (Recording/Mixing/Mastering), Larry Coryell (Recording/Mixing/Mastering), Leopard Skin, Jasper (Mastering), Liam Ó Maonlaí (Mastering), Luka Bloom (Recording), Luke Morney (Mixing), Lunaboys (Mastering), Mary Stokes (Recording), Manon Pellicorio (Mastering), Megacone (Mixing), Michelle Paris (Recording), Mik Pyro (Mixing/Mastering), Milly La Foret (Mastering), Mongoose (Mastering), More Tiny Giants (Mixing), Naoise Roo (Mastering)’ New Cicero (Mastering)’ New Secret Weapon (Mixing)’ Niwel Tsumbu with Éamonn Cagney (Mixing), O joy (Mixing), Odd Socks (Mastering)’ Oskie Bravo (Mastering)’ Our Little Secrets (Recording), PANIK ATTAKS (Mastering), Paul Finan (Mixing), Peter Moc (Recording/Mixing)’ Pineal Navigation (Mixing/Mastering), Pretty Beast (Recording/Mixing), Press Record (Mastering), Pretty Weird Pictures Productions (Mixing), Rat Neck (Mastering), Red Empire (Recording/Mixing), Rhob Cunningham (Recording), Richie Filth (Recording), Ripcord 64 (Recording/Mixing), Rocket Surgery (Mixing), Ronnie Drew (Recording), Sam Killeen (Mastering), Samarkind (Mixing/Mastering), Sean Whelan (Recording/Mastering), Second Howl (Mastering), Shattered Skies (Recording), Sinead O’Connor (Recording), Sisterix (Mastering), Sky Atlas (Mastering), Solar Bears (Mixing), Stano (Mixing/Mastering), Skuzzi Port (Recording), Slave Zero (Recording/Mixing), Souls (Recording), Sue Rynhart (Mixing), Tandem Felix (Mastering), The Envelope (Recording/Mixing), The Eskies (Mastering), The Gimmermen (Mastering), The Kevin Brady Trio (Recording), The Magazine Club (Mastering), The River Fane (Recording/Mastering), The Stoney Brokes (Recording/Mixing), The Norman Teeling Trio (Recording), The Wha (Mastering), The White Fangs (Mastering), The Workshop (Recording/Mixing/Mastering), Thomas Donoghue (Recording), Tommy Cullen (mastering), Tommy Moore (mastering), Tracey Coryell (Mastering), TV people (Mastering), Veroa (Recording/Mixing), Wild Rocket (Mastering), Wishcow (Recording/Mixing), Woodheart (Mastering), Woodsey (Recording/Mixing), Wyvern Lingo (Mixing), Xona (Mastering), Zuum Innovative Gaming Systems (Recording/Mixing),