Facilities control room

Facilities: Control Room

An superbly acoustically balanced room with a separate machine room. Built around a Neve console, ATC monitors and a rack of outboard preamps and compressors.

main live room 1

Main Live Room

A large room with very controlled low end and easily moveable baffles. This can change the reverb from very dead to live by exposing the stone walls to create a beautifully diffused live sound.

Facilities lIVE ROOM 2

Second live room

A tighter sound which can be used for a large variety of recording and also has smaller baffles available to deaden if required.

vocal booth

Vocal Booth

Situated between the control room and main live room this is a very comfortable booth with a dead and a live side. Completely silent aircon, even at full speed, with a very high fresh air percentage. Very good visual communication and and very nice room for long sessions.

Stone room1

Stone room

A fully live space with exposed stone walls, roof and concrete floor. Ambient room mic’s can give a Bonham esque sound. Often also used with small baffles for amp recording.


Full kitchen and bathroom.

An army marches on its stomach!! Cook, reheat, store in the fridge or freezer or just make a lovely cuppa.

green room

Green room

A space to relax and refresh with a kettle and mini fridge, tv and stereo.